About Tip-Tok


Tip-Tok is a mobile and desktop game development studio formed through the partnership of engineer Niilo Tippler and illustrator/animator Chris Tokunaga.


We pride ourselves on our strong ability to work within established brands and styles as well as having the seasoned skills to develop wholly original art and game play based on our customers needs.


Niilo Tippler and Chris Tokunaga have been collaborating on projects together for 15 years, working with large clients and indie studios alike.


We always look forward to meeting and working with good people!

Team Projects and Clients include:

Chris Tokunaga

Creative Director/Partner

Chris is an Illustrator, Designer, and Animator knowledgeable in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Muse, and Spine.


He lives in a cozy town in the Bay Area and when he isn't behind the computer he's off playing with his kids. He's also certain Niilo will mention the Emmy in his bio because the guy can't stop talking about it.


You can view his personal portfolio at okunaga.com.

Niilo Tippler


Niilo is a Brit with more than 30 years of programming experience and working knowledge of 11+ programming languages, who escaped across The Pond to find a new life and a chance to begin again in the golden land of opportunity and adventure.


He is an Emmy award winning computer geek and sci-fi enthusiast, who loves programming, Doctor Who, dogs & coffee.


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