Tip-Tok - App


Our first official Tip-Tok app that we released in 2012.


A fun arcade style game where you help a couple of tank drivin' baby chicks track down their brothers and sisters while avoiding crazed owls, insects, and a giant tornado!


It's free to download here or feel free to checkout our gameplay trailer here.


Sprout Online


Launched in mid 2014 this project introduced Sprout's audience to the Astroblast TV series a few months before it's premiere.


In it users can explore the space station, meet the characters, and play embedded mini-games to unlock even more goodies.


You can check it over at Sprout Online right here.


Busy Bee- App


Released in Fall 2014 this is a fun app we put together for Busy Bee Studios.


Young users can create their own custom train track layouts and design environments with trees, animals, and terrain.


Once complete the user can choose one of three fun trains and send it along and through their one-of-a-kind track environment!


Tracks 'n' Trains can be purchased through here.


Sprout Tablet - App


Created in early 2014, this is an app we developed for the Sprout team for their 'Sprout Channel Cubby Tablet.'


It's a customized weather reporter where the user can create and animate their current home weather conditions. Reports can then be submitted to Sprout with the opportunity to be broadcast during Sprout's 'Chica Show.'


Sprout Online


A fun arcade style game for Sprout Online where the user helps Chica sled down various terrains and find gifts for her friends all over the globe!


This game has the wonderful distinction to have been voted 'Sprout Online's Best Game of the Year 2013' by their  audience.


You can check it out here.


Beatrice the Biologist - App


Our first Tip-Tok project released a few years back for the wonderfully intelligent and creative Katie McKissick - aka: Beatrice the Biologist.


A simple game meant to teach young users about the trials and tribulations of life under the microscope.


Download Amoeboid for free here.


LA Ale Works- App


An app we put together for Los Angeles Ale Works as a promotional tool for their Kickstarter campaign.


It has the same basic functionality as Amoeboid but this time featuring a dapper  beer yeast.


Download Ziggy for free here.

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