Tip-Tok Services


From art, animation, and music to multi-target platform delivery, including web and mobile, Tip-Tok offers complete game packaging.


We work with clients who have pre-existing brands and those who want to brainstorm and develop completely new and original concepts.



Tip-Tok offers:


  • Full service game design and development for mobile and web
  • Original concepts specializing in character and design
  • Working within established brands to showcase fun and original game presentation
  • Custom environment and character design with full animation and interactivity
  • UI and UX design
  • Music and SFX
  • A wide variety of supported development platforms, including Flash, Corona, Unity, HTML5, and Cocos2d
  • Multi-target platform delivery: iOS, Android, Web

Questions or want to learn more about how we could implement your product or idea?


Email us: chris@tip-tok.com





"Working with Chris and Niilo, the imaginative team at Tip-Tok, was a joy.  They realized our concept beautifully, and we’re thrilled with the results. They were responsive, professional, and intuitive, incorporating little touches that breathed life into our butterfly and gave it wings to fly.  We feel sure that our Breathing Butterfly app will have a rippling effect, helping kids far and near control their stress. Thank you, Tip-Tok!  Looking forward to next time…"


Lauren Speeth, Executive Director

The Elfenworks Foundation, “In Harmony With Hope”

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